First Learning are proud to be the first children’s nursery in the UK to be certified as fully organic. We were registered by the Soil Association in April 2004 and continue to build upon this achievement with impressive Ofsted reports and local and national awards for being environmentally-friendly, and for nursery nutrition.
Our nursery is a state-of-the art facility with underfloor heating, anti-allergy floor finishes, stimulating light and spaces, and an amazing range of toys, equipment and learning aids. We designed the nurseries to offer interchangeable space with carefully planned free- flow areas affording children freedom of movement, space, and social interaction.
Learning takes many forms at First Learning - through structured and unstructured play, care and guidance. We demonstrate awareness and care for the environment and resources. Materials are always re-used and/or recycled wherever feasible. Cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly; nappies are biodegradable (made without bleach or chlorines); the creams and pastes we provide are organic or made from natural, safe constituents. We have researched and implemented our own, child-friendly policies such as ‘Low-Plastics’ (for children’s equipment and toys) ‘No Microwaves’ (for any children’s foods) and ‘No Wi-fi’ (anywhere in the building). All of our policies and procedures are born out of our strong commitment to offer a difference in our childcare, and are constantly reviewed, researched and improved.
Mealtimes provide the ideal opportunity to promote children’s social development while enjoying the tasty and tempting dishes. Children are encouraged to make healthy choices and be adventurous in sampling new foods. We always use suppliers and shops which are as local as possible to the nursery and all dishes are made fresh every day in the nursery kitchen by our full-time chef - even the ice cream and biscuits are homemade!  The food choices are not only irresistible, but also carefully planned to suit every child’s palate and nutritonally-balanced by our nutritional team and approved by the British Nutritional Foundation. Food culture and routine is a very important part of nursery life at First Learning and a major contributor to ensuring a healthy life balance and choices as children get older.  
Our dedicated nursery staff are highly qualified, friendly and caring professionals who share our passion for excellence and respect in childcare, making a real difference to every child who attends our nursery.
Most importantly of all, First Learning is filled with laughter and happy, inspired children…….
We would be delighted to arrange a show-round or perhaps just an informal chat initially. Our telephone number is 01932 260 600 or please email us at
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